5 ways to help reduce Anxiety

February 19, 2020

Living with anxiety is hard, living with someone that has it bad while yours is mild is hard and I'm always on the lookout for ways to help my husband who suffers badly, mine is controlled by the tablets that I take for my depression and anxiety but Craig has mentioned that he's scared to take the tablets just in case it changes his personality and its hard to watch him make himself ill, so these are the top 5 things that have helped controlled his anxiety to the point that he can put it to the back of his mind and carry on throughout the day.

  1. Calm app - There are two versions of the app, the free version and the paid version (£35.99/year).What it does is it helps you meditate and relax, to help control the thoughts in your head, there are guest speakers that tell stories of their life which seems to have a calming effect and Craig uses it to meditate a throughout the day and listens to the stories in bed before sleeping. 
    calm app
  2. 3% CBG hemp oil* - You put 1-4 drops of the hemp oil a few times throughout day it goes under the tongue for over a minute and if you leave it the longer the better it works and Craig has noticed that it has a calming effect on his heart, he gets anxiety bad while his woking and he's noticed the difference between the days he didn't use it to the days he has when he's used the oil his heart doesn't beat so fast which in turn calms his anxiety. 

  3. ASMR- Ok so if you don't know what ASMR is, its a reaction of hearing or seeing certain things like tapping, mouth sounds and clicking to name a few and the reaction you normally get is called tingles in your head, it makes you super relaxed and tired if you get the right videos and there are thousands on Youtube, all you need to do is search ASMR so search and find your triggers.
  4. Pukka Nighttime - Craig drinks one before bed every night which sets his body and mind into a relaxed calm state to sleep and if he forgets to have one he can feel the difference in the morning 
  5. Kudd.ly weighed blanket* - Remember the times your laying down with someone's legs or arms over you and you're so relaxing and sleepy? kudd.lys weighted blanket is designed to mimic that same feeling and Craig has said that when he's wrapped up in it he's noticed that he's much more relaxed that he's fallen into sleep a lot easier, the weight isn't heavy to the point I wouldn't be able to pick it up, the texture is super soft that it's like your being wrapped up in a soft warm hug. 

**some of the products mentioned have been previously gifted*

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I have anxiety myself and thought I knew all the tips by now but both the Pukka Nighttime as well as the weighed blanket are new to me. I need to try this!

    xoxo Simone | https://beautymone.com

  2. the only things ive found to help a lil bit is rescue remedy spray!

  3. Great tips. I suffer with anxiety especially at night. Not sure why it always feels worse at night. I have a colouring app called Happy Color on my phone and it seems to help calm me down.

  4. I love the look of the weighted blanket.

  5. I have several people close to me who suffer from anxiety so I hope you don't mind me sharing this on my Facebook page 'Adventures in Mummy chaos'.

  6. I suffer with terrible anxiety so thank you for the review on these, also good that medication isnt involved. Im on meds but to bebe honest im still incredibly anxious, some days really bad so im going to review all of these tips, thank you xx

  7. My son suffers from anxiety and my daughter has mental health problems and both can't take meds due to heart conditions. Thanks for the ideas in this post

  8. Thanks for sharing. I've been using CBD products for a while. My favorite brand is Cannapio and I would highly recommend it, especially its CBD oils are great. You can visit their website here: https://www.cannapio.com/cbd-oil


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