Restyling your kitchen for less

February 25, 2020

It seems like the kitchen is the main place I spend most of my time in, with cooking, cleaning and then eating it feels like my second home, but I have never really liked how it looked but didn't want to spend money on redecorating it if there was a chance of moving out. 

Fast forward 3 years and it looks like we are staying here for a few more years,
so if I am being made to stay here I want it to look like how I want it to look like.
Also, why not make a blog about it, so it might help someone else out as this won't cost an arm and a leg to do.
Heres the before picture.

First thing first painting the cupboards 


This is the paint we used and we had to get a bigger tub as our kitchen is on the bigger side but there is a £20 option and to be honest, we still have half a tub left so we would have been fine getting the smaller one.

It's super easy to use and we only needed two coats for the cupboards and it drys so quick.

Next on the list is the countertop which I choose a marble effect 

We brought two rolls of this because I forgot to measure the worktop but I was so lucky because two was the person amount, just remember to buy extra for any mistakes you might make as trust me there's a very high chance you will.

The last thing we needed to get was a blind for the window and yes make sure you measure and not to guess because I did no and had to go back a week later to exchange it for a bigger size, not complaining as I got Patrick my plant.

I also sealed the edges of the countertops for a little extra protection which I got from the pound shop and its just a kitchen & bathroom sealant.
There are still little bits I need to do like get some bits and bobs for the kitchen and of course more plants but right now, looking into the kitchen makes me incredibly happy.

If you can look on freecycle, Facebay and charity shops to see if you can get anything free or cheap! 


happyhomemadehome have some amazing DIY posts to try

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  1. It makes so much of a difference.It's amazing.

  2. I love the plants! Really brightens the room up and adds some natural colour and elegance!

  3. The plants are a nice touch , thank you for your ideas

  4. Loving the plants. I find it hard with plants other than cactii as they don't need much watering. The grey is the colour I would choose with lots of white. Looks great

  5. What a transformation! It looks great! I do love plants too. I'd be happy if I had that kitchen!

  6. thanks for this, great ideas

  7. The grey looks great on the cupboards.


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