CBG hemp oil

February 08, 2020

*I just want to start this post off that this was a gifted product in exchange for a post but everything that I write is all my own thoughts and Craigs *

Another warning please don't take this is if you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding which I am so, unfortunately, I couldn't try it out but Craig did.

So that's all out the way we can get down and dirty with the verdict...

So this hemp oil has worked so well which is brilliant because Craig suffers so badly with his anxiety to the point he can't sleep that well and it makes him feel sick most days so it's been my main mission to find things that could help as he hates the thought of going onto tablets because the thought of it changing him.
I know it's apart of him just like how his arm is apart of his body, weird thought I know but it makes him "him" and I love everything about him all his good and bad parts but I can't just watch him battle against his mental state.

Brown CBD kindly sent me their 3% CBG hemp oil which is £24.99 for a bottle of 10ml but currently, you get can 15% off with their code LAUNCH.

It's all very simple to use:
1-5 drops under the tongue for a minimum of 1 minute and the longer you leave it the better! 2-3 times a day but maybe start small before moving up to 5 drops.
Craig has been trying it as I mentioned before that I cannot yet and after a few days I asked him how he felt taking it and after.

First thing he mentioned that it makes him feel more at peace and at ease, it stops his heart rate accelerating which is what he really struggles to control when he feels anxious and that is a big thing as it saps all his energy, which in turn makes him feel even more overwhelmed so having the anxious thoughts but without the panic and the normal heart rate, means he can control the thoughts better without feeling crippled and that is the reason why he takes it before he leaves for and after work and just before he goes to bed.

I'm not saying that it is a 100% cure as everyone's body is different but for Craig, there has been a massive improvement with how he feels and acts, but if you want to try and help ease the effects of anxiety without doctors or tablets maybe look into things like this because sometimes it can be the small things that make a massive difference in our life.

Brownscbd also has a range of other CBD including tea, cream, RAW and water-soluble CBD and their CBG oil, they also come in 5%, 10%, 20% and 25%.

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