Vitlete - Everyday athlete recovery

March 14, 2020

* This is a gifted product in exchange for a product review and everything that is written down is everything that comes from me, not the company.

Vitlete kindly sent Craig a 100ml bottle of CBD muscle recovery lotion because if I haven't mentioned it, he works out most days when the kids are in bed, his job is a very demanding one so working out helps throughout the day. 

Working out also gives him a host of new problems, manly pulled back or groin muscles and so getting the muscle recovery lotion is a godsend.

We have waited just over a week to give this review as we wanted to see the benefits and so far, Craig has nothing but good things to say about it, the first day using it, he actually had pulled his back and was using a back support while working out.

For me, the smell is pleasant which is a massive thumbs up from me as I hate most smells of muscle lotions.

After putting it on Craig noticed a tingling feeling where he had applied the lotion then warm feeling after a while and later that day mentioned that his back felt fine.

Since he started using it he has found that it's made a massive difference in his workout and his day to day life as you can imagine that pulling a muscle working out can affect the rest of the day especially if you have two very active kids. 

Craig has also mentioned that since using the lotion he's managed to up his weights to 130lb.
Obviously, we are not saying its a miracle lotion that lets you suddenly lift 130lb of weights but Craig has worked so hard to lift that amount of weights but getting pulled muscles has delayed that until the lotion.

Vitletes CBC Muscle Recovery Lotion is a little different to others because of an added ingredient which is in the title, here are a few other benefits from the website and if you want to see the full list of the benefits, the link is above.

High-strength 1000mg isolate Cannabidiol CBD
 THC-free and non-psychoactive 
Organic Aloe Leaf helps reduce inflammation and calm the skin 

It's now become part of his workout a must-have and to know that this lotion is helping all his aches and pains and making his day to day life just the little bit better.

We don't want to say that it works for everyone as everyone's body is different but for Craig, it has made a difference and he's happy to recommend the lotion to people.

As for me, the CBC Muscle Recovery Lotion is a miracle worker, because I don't have to listen to his moaning about his post-workout pains and that is a BIG win for me.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to these products- must try!

  2. Thank you for the heads up, these seem great products to try

  3. Looks like a good lotion

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