Dry nights with Oopise Heroes

February 16, 2020

*oopsie heroes has been gifted exchange for a blog post*

We all fear the time it comes to potty training your little ones but I know and I'm sure most other parents have forgotten about night time potty training which is on a whole different level, for one they are asleep, two who wants to wake their kid up in the middle of the night to pee? 
With Connor, we made sure we did the normal things they tell you too, like no drinks before bed, a trip to the toilet and most nights he did wake up dry and other nights he comes into our room with wet clothes on crying and this is where oopsie heroes come into the picture and what is oopsie heroes you may ask? well, its the ultimate bedwetting alarm.
What's in the box?

You get a tiny sensor and a few sheets of sticky tape that you use to attach the sensor to either their Pjs or underpants 

It's so quick and easy to apply that you could do it when they are asleep ( Just in case you forgot )

So what happens now? well the sensor is connected to an app that can install on your phone called oopsie heroes that triggers an alarm on your phone 

Every time your child wets the bed the app lets you know so you can wake them up and after 6-8 weeks, their body wakes up knowing that they need the toilet which is the end goal of toilet training!

Oopsie heroes make your little one feel like a superhero smashing nighttime bedwetting.
It's funny how something so small can make such a big impact in your life 

If getting woken up by the alarm puts you off from using it just remember that there's a 99% chance your kid is going to wake you up crying or if they sleep through the wetness wake up sore which means all day moaning and I can tell you want I rather deal with.

Connor has been dry for months but stress from school and being ill takes us back to the start with bedwetting so this is a godsend as even though he doesn't wet the bed every night we can get in the routine of waking up before he does wet the bed especially if he sleeps in our bed.
He doesn't notice the sensor so sleeping on it is fine and once I forgot in the rush of bedtime to I stuck it on so once he was asleep and he didn't even stir.

Want an easy way to beat nighttime bedwetting here's their website  Oopsie Heroes

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