3D Printed Vitamins by Nourised

July 09, 2020

Having a husband that works out most days you start to keep an eye on products that could help him out, he is a weights man with a splash of HITT and anything else he can fit into a day with work and kids.
His work is very demanding so the need to work out helps with the stress and helps with the actual job as it involves heavy lifting. 

Craig has been researching ways that can help his muscle growth and his recovery rate plus anything extra that could help make his workout better.

His research led him to Nourished - Personalised 3D Printing Vitamins which launched in the UK on the 17th October 2019 which used a new 3D Printing method and patented Vegan formula which they combine seven active ingredients out of the twenty-eight you can choose from.

3D Printing Machine at work.
Credit to Nourished

Nourished can be personalised to your needs by answering a couple of questions that will help you to decided what type of package you would like to go for.

But if you're not really bothered about it being personalised you can choose from their Premade stacks that range from a Plant-Based Power Nutrients to Prenatal Nutrients and many more.

Sugar-free, Vegan and allergen-free means its a favourite for most if not all work out fans and let's not forget that they are eco- friendly as they pack the vitamins into plastic-free and home compostable packaging which for us is a BIG YES.
credit to thenearydiaries

All Nourished products are 100% Vegan and 98% sourced from the UK.

Also another little thing it's great for people that struggle to take tradition pills but would still love to be able to take daily vitamins.

You can pay monthly for £39.99 or make a one-time payment for £29.99, the box contains a months supply that you can take daily.
They currently have a discount for both for £15 off box 1 and £15 off box 2 when you subscribe with the code WELCOME30.

It saves so much time as you don't need to take so many tablets to get your daily dose of vitamins as you can just take it on your way to work for example, just grab and go.

Credit to Nourished

It really has made Craig's day so much easier and stress-free, without the worry of forgetting to take his vitamins and it saves so much time as you don't need to drink water, which is great if you`re rushing out the door. 

Nourished is a easy to take  3D stack of vitamins which Craig highly recommends, they taste great and good for your body, what more could you want? 

Credit to Nourished

*Gifted Products in exchange for my review in a blog post*

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  1. This is so interesting! I've heard of 3D printing, but not in this capacity. What a brilliant idea

  2. I did not know you could use 3D printing for anything edible!


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