5 Ways to help with ChickenPox

February 23, 2020


Chicken Pox season... 
It seems like everywhere you turn there is a chickenpox filled kid and I have recently finished round two.
Here are 5 tips that got me through two kids worth of chickenpox.

Good Luck!

   This was a miracle worker with both kids as it soothed them so quick,
 when lily was screaming just rubbing it in seem to help as she just stopped and let you all calm like.
You can get a decent sized bottle from boots for £1.60 we used it for both kids and I think we still have had a bottle left but it does smell a bit, not bad and it does leave white chalky marks where you have applied it.

calamine lotion
 First, I just want to say do not put on the skin this should only be taken orally and for over 1, we gave it to lily whenever she started itching and it seemed to calm it down so we kept up with it till her chickenpox had finished, we got boots antihistamine for £3.99 it is a bit costly but we only needed to get one bottle.
Bonus tip bribe with chocolate, its the only way I managed to get my kids to take it as its very minty.

3.No Clothes

Ok, so this is a no brainer but don't put clothes on them as you can imagine the fabric rubbing on the blisters and just driving the kids mad and I didn't realize how much worse it would be for lily compared to Connor because lily wore a nappy which once peed in would really make the chickenpox sore and all her chickenpox was mostly down there so we had to bite the bullet and stop her using a nappy.
It was a blessing though as she didn't wet the bed once or have any accidents throughout the day so we have decided to stop using nappies, but what we did for the first night was cover her bed in towels so if she did wet the bed it would have been easy to take off.
Another reason to go no clothes is, that it helps dry off the blisters which is the end goal in all of this.

4.Cool bath

Just let them have fun in a lukewarm bath, it helps with itching and feeling sore down below but also lets them let off stress by water fights and generally having fun,
I wouldn't put anything in the bath that could irritate the blisters but once most of the have popped its probably fine to add bubbles ( i did ) just don't forget to pat dry don't rub.

For me, this was the hardest because it doesn't always work so this is the last thing I do but if they start moaning about being itchy, find something to take their mind of it, E.G board games, roleplaying, painting, anything that might let them focus on something else for a few minutes.

Connors scaps have nearly all gone now and lily is blister-free, it been a tough few weeks but we have made it out the other end and relief I feel knowing there's not going to be any more chickenpox and just in time for the school runs again.   

I hope this list can help someone else that's in need of it but just remember it might work for some and it always might not work.
Just remember to breath and know it won't last longer than 7 days!.
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  1. This is such and informative post and so helpful. It's so uncomfortable for them when they have chickenpox isn't it. My littlest had it at 5 months old quite mildly I was also breastfeeding hoping that means he's now built his immune to catching it again. Breastmilk is also soothing on chicken pox and I used chamomile tea in lukewarm water on a cotton pad for him. xx

    1. I'm still breastfeeding my daughter and I did think of using it but worried the sugar in the milk might make it worse

  2. Some really great tips for dealing with Chicken Pox - I remember that stage very well! Distraction is definitely key... that and ice cream! :) Sim x

    1. Oh yes ice cream 😂 our one was chocolate 😂 x

  3. There is nothing worse then chicken pox for children, as it's so hard for them to understand not to scratch. The calming lotion definitely helps, I wish they were around when I was a child and had chicken pox.

    1. I can't remember mine which is good, it was heartbreaking watching her as she made herself bleed 😭 I didn't stop her in time x

  4. I remember when my Daughter had them, I never tried it but have heard that putting oats in a sock and running a bath with the water running throught the sock and oats helps as well x

  5. These are some great tips. Jack caught them when Olivia was very tiny and we tried some of these.

  6. My mum used calamine lotion on me as a kid, I loved the cool feeling of it against my skin. Such a good feeling!

  7. Some usefull tips here, my son had chicken pox and it wiped him out completely, it took years for him to properly recover and set him back at the time in his development.

  8. Both my kids have had chicken pox and your suggestions are so right! I don't think we would have survived it without the Calamine Lotion as my son hat spots practically everywhere and he was just around 8 months old then

  9. This is so helpful, we had an outbreak at nursery the other day so are being super vigilant right now. x

  10. I was so lucky with my eldest, the Chicken Pox was mild, but dreading my youngest fetting it!!


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