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August 18, 2020


 With summer well underway, it normally means the kids are out the play!

Which means there's going to be accidents waiting to happen because we all know how clumsy kids are and do not bother to look where they are going, case in point the number of times my son has hit his head on the bin, on our way to his granddad's house every week.

But one thing that kids are, is that they are resistant, brave? no, but they always get up after falling.

Safe and Sound Health sent me their adventure fearlessly gift box which has everything in that you need to keep your kids happy and healthy.
Their motto is adventure fearlessly because you want them to live in a world that they don't have to worry about all the scraps and bumps they will run into.

In the gift box, I received 2x boxes of plasters, for both genders and they both had 4 different plaster designs which both of my kids loved and was spoilt for choice when they did eventually fall and hurt themselves. 

Both me and my husband both noticed that getting to chose what type of plaster my kids could choose actually distracted them of the cut they had on their knee and even a little bit of excitement from my son as he really wanted the unicorn and then once it was on he proudly showed it off to us and his nanny and granddad.
If you think about it, it also acts as a reward for letting me clean the cut, so while I'm cleaning it with the antiseptic spray they are choosing what plaster they want, its a win for both of us.

We also got the Antibacterial hand foam, antiseptic spray and the hand sanitiser.

The first thing I noticed about the antibacterial hand foam is the smell, it didn't have an overpowering smell to it, to me, it smelled gentle and with how kids are that is a good thing as no one wants to use hand foam that smells too much like chemicals.

Added plus its got Aloe Vera cleansing.

Safe and sound health have got you covered with cleaning the wound before applying the plaster with their Antiseptic spray that also has a gentle smell to it, definitely not overpowering.

The thing people seem to forget is that our kid's skin is delicate, it hasn't had years and years worth of cuts and scapes to harden their skin and that's why Safe and sound health has your kids skin in mind when making their products as they are hypoallergenic and gentle on delicate skin

I know how everyone needs to be careful and to always make sure our hands are clean so its hard to do the same for our kids especially if the hand sanitiser smells too much like chemicals, my kids hate the smell and I don't really like it either.

These products aren't bulky either so they will fit inside a first aid bag or box, which is perfect for holidays.

We have a Disneyland Paris trip planned for this year so this is on our list of things we need to take because we know there will be scrapes and cuts happening on holiday, but this time we know with a quick clean up and a plaster chosen by the kid they will be up and running in no time.

*This is a paid ad by safe and sound health but all thoughts and options are all by me and my family*

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  1. I love the dinosaur plasters, my daughter likes all plasters so she enjoys getting to put one on lol

  2. I love the look of this. I like that the hand sanitiser doesn't have an overpowering smell as some are just awful! The children would love the Dinosaur plasters too!

  3. So glad I've seen this been looking for children's hand sanitizer . The plasters are good too

  4. Great tips. Thanks for sharing such informative post.


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