Chosing the right Toothbrush with Colgate

July 21, 2020

Being a mother of two very strong-willed kids it has been a struggle to get them to brush their teeth, Connor hates doing what I ask of him and Lily is always trying to use daddy's toothbrush instead of hers so my mission has been to get them to want to brush their teeth, maybe even enjoy doing it.

I noticed on the Waitrose website that they were selling a battery toothbrush with a minions design, which is great because both kids love the minions and it has a battery which means it's just like daddy so perfect for lily who loves to steal her dads. Its currently on offer at the moment for £3.49 ( normally £7.00 16/07/20 ) so that made mummy happy and looking at it like that, it was perfect for all of us.

Having this toothbrush hasn't made it morning and bedtime teeth brushing perfect but it has made it so much easier than it was before.
Connors happy because it has got something he likes on it so he is happy to quickly brush his teeth and with lily, there isn't a screaming match because she wants to use her dads so that has made getting the minion's toothbrush worthwhile especially for my eardrums.

Colgate has a wide range of different types of toothbrushes loads to choose from for little hands, the one I brought is great because it has got a slim handle that makes it easy for tiny hands to grip it and big on and off buttons so you can let the kids do it themselves before you do it properly.

We always have been fans of Colgate brushes and toothpaste so it was no brainer that we were trying this toothbrush and we don't have any regrets yet and we cant wait to see what other designs Colgate come out with next.

So if you want an easier time trying to get your kids brushing their teeth, why don't you give Colgates Minions battery toothbrush a go and see if it makes your life that little bit easier, it's definitely made my life better because who wants screaming kids before bed.

“This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own”

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  1. I will have to take a look at Colgate's range, as I always have issues with my daughter too with cleaning her teeth.

  2. Kids seem to find brushing teeth boring and a waste of time, i am constantly reminding my daughter to brush them, i think making it fun does encourage them more


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