Fathers day 2020 Giftguide

June 14, 2020

*All products mentioned are gifted*

Its the time of year, where you are stuck and lost at what to get your father for fathers day.

My dad has got to be one of the worse people to buy for as he does nothing in his life and there is so many times you can get him socks. ( socks for birthday plus christmas )

So i have decided to help out fellow people in hopes it can make fathers day for you that little bit less stressful.

So lets get this party started.
I have thought long and hard about the items listed as every dad is different and i wanted to show a wide range of gifts so that theres something for everyone.

This one is for younger kids to give to daddy its by wonderbly

 It's personalised to the kids so great for reading at bedtime, we currently have the little boy/girl who lost their name for £29.99 and its a fan favourite with the kids. There are two books you can get for fathers day which is called "I Love You This Much Daddy" at £24.99 and it's for ages 0-3years so we personalized it with lilys name, the other book is called "You are the best dad ever" at £29.99 for ages 40-99, you can also add your dad's name plus up to 4 kids, there's also a special quality to the book unlike most and that's you can add to it.

The book is full of colourful pages and it engages the reader, unlike most books. What I love about them is that they are a wonderful keepsake for both young kids and older ones, something you both can look back on

Matalan has been one of the shops we have used for fathers day for years now as it has so many different things you can get for all types of dads.
Slippers are a safe option for my dad its something that I've gotten him every year and that's the first item on the list as he requires a new pair every year through general wear and tear the pair i got for him is the Grey Flurry Mule Slippers at £6.

I got Pyjamas as Craig loves to sleep in something soft and comfy however he had none for the hotter months so I choose for him the Short Pyjama Set - Aqua at £9

I saw the Stretch Twill Shorts - Beige at £14 that I fell in love with as they look so good and the colour is perfect for the summer months with bright coloured tops, I went and paired it with the Khaki Stretch Woven Belt at £6 which sets the lookup perfectly.
Lasty I choose the VO5 beard, body, trim 5 in 1 multi-trimmer kit and I think it's a must-have for men that like to keep themselves looking neat.

This gift set is a little bit different from the others you see as it's for active dads that love sports, it's from a brand called worry less design and I went and choose the golf gift set from £10.99, you get a  mug and socks the quotes on both the socks and mug made me chuckle so it's something I can see making him laugh every time he has a cup of tea.
I know for a fact though that he will lose his mind when he sees the golf card because his favourite movie is star wars but add in a little golf joke.? Brilliant, i wouldn't have been able to find a better card for him and for £3.25 its a bargin.
Golf is just one of the sports they have, they also have ruby and cycling plus many more.

Moonpig is the website to go to when you want the perfect personalized card £3.29-£9.99, where you can add pictures as well as text to make the perfect fathers day card, they also have a wide range of different gifts for all types of occasions.

For a fathers day gift, I went and chose the Hogs back Brewery Tea gift set for £15.00 and McPhersons Shiraz 75cl & Chocolates Gift Box for £28.00, both perfect for my father in law and the kids present to their dad as he is a big wine fan. Moonpig doesn't just do alcohol and chocolates they also do gift experiences, plants and so much more.

The last present for fathers day is the personised flask at £9.50 by laflicks_design and they offer so many different personalised gifts and keepsakes for all different occasions not just for fathers day.

This is perfect for the dads that like to have a little drink while playing golf or night fishing, for example, its the perfect fit for trouser pockets and you don't necessarily have to fill it up with alcohol it could be juice or even water, but it does add style to your outfit.
The giftbox that the flask comes with is flatpacked for easy posting and its so easy to put together and i just find that it puts everything together nicely.
I have been given a 10% discount code that covers everything on the website and starts on Monday 15th June.

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  1. La'flicks Design15 June 2020 at 00:09

    This is a great read, thanks for putting together.

  2. Fabulous love those little books

  3. Great ideas for Father’s Day!

  4. These are great ideas! I've left it really late this year and was wondering what to buy to the man! Thank you for the handy tips. I'll show these to the children.

  5. Some great ideas here thanks! My Dad has got a bottle of wine and some Reeses chocolates - his faves!

  6. My Dad is a sucker for a personalised gift. Some fantastic ideas here!

  7. There are some lovely ideas here! We have bought daddy a tool kit this year!

  8. Those books are brilliant, I didn't know you could get something like that! Dad will love these x

  9. I got a book for father's day when my son was young, which soon became our fave nightly bedtime story to read together. Great ideas.

  10. So many wonderful ideas here, great to spoil the Dad's in our life


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