Disneyland Tips

January 28, 2020

Let's talk about holidays, Disneyland holidays.

This year we decided to take the kids on their first out of the UK holiday and it wasn't because I was fed up of writing out passport forms then binning them, Their first holiday had to be Disneyland Paris because why not, they will be at the age that I'm hoping they would remember the trip, October so only a few months from their 6th and 3rd birthdays. 
So let's get started on those tips.!

Book early!! we booked in November 2019 with TUI the day the bookings opened up because we wanted to get a big family room ( 4 adults 2 kids) and because of booking early we managed to get 15% off, 100 euro gift card plus free half-board
*TUI also lets you pay a deposit when lets you pay the rest after 6 months but you do need to book over 6 months in advance.

  Research!! we live where all the main travel ways are a few hours away so we had to research the quickest and easiest way to get to Eurostar as we couldn't go on a plane. Plus find out the times as you have to be there an hour early to catch the train.

Be prepared! the only downside to booking early is that most of the other stuff you need to book with it, you cant till at least a few months before you leave (Eurostar) so the price will go up and down but you won't know the actual price till your dates are on so be prepared that it might be a little bit more than what you thought it be.

DONT TELL THE KIDS! I mean when they are young they won't understand so much but if they are older don't tell them till at least a few months beforehand because trust me, you don't want to constantly hear about " when are we going mum" which is so much worse than "are we there yet?" with a bonus of hearing that for a year.

Take two suitcases! we are taking two suitcases per person for the main reason of having space for gifts and anything you bring home with you, Eurostar has a two-bag per person rule but there's no weight limit and I can only think on how my husband is going to bring back way too much wine.

A little bonus...
Have fun and don't forget to take as many pictures your camera can hold 

Want more posts about travel? Travellingwithboys  have all the posts on travel from days out and UK/European travel 

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