5 years with my biggest baby

January 14, 2020


The day i became a mum but also your best friend.

These five years haven't been easy but without a doubt i wouldn't change a thing!
You have became a big brother and a pupil and you are smashing both! Lily loves you so much to the point that you are the centre of her world.

You are loving school and all your friends and i love listening to the tales from school, how you had a girlfriend and then coming home a few weeks later to say that you are now married to a boy.

You make me so proud to call you my son.

My main wish bringing you up in this world was to be open minded and not to judge and you are doing perfect.

I will always be by your side, always have your back, there is nothing that would make me turn my back on you.

All i want in life is too see you smile and laugh, but to also remember its perfectly normal too cry.

5 years have gone in a blink of a eye and within another you will be a teenager with a attitude the size of the moon and twice the size of me too, so if i hold you a little tighter tonight its to remember how small you felt in my arms.

This isn't the first and it definitely wont be the last time i will say this but you are and will always be my baby boy.

Happy Birthday Connor
5 and counting

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