Eco-friendly toys with ekolife

January 24, 2020

As a human being that likes to live on planet earth, I'm trying to find new ways to keep this planet alive and one of my biggest problems is toys because as you all know I have two very active children so my home is filled to the top with toys all make mostly from plastic, which is bad for the planet. 

So first thing first start looking for eco-friendly toys that aren't made out of the soul-destroying plastic which points us in the wooden and cardboard direction, and this is where ekolife comes into the picture as all their toys are ECO-FRIENDLY! can we get a yeehaw.

We got the adventure hut which is so so easy to put together and
 take apart also a massive plus is you don't have a lot of storage or live somewhere small (shh its flat-packed but not the IKEA pain in the backside flat-pack).

They have some super cool looking toys on their website all at a great price if you're not looking to spend too much ( my eye is on the pick-me-up-planes you get two for £24.99 what a bargain ) 

They have all sorts off toys like 3 canvas for those little fingers that love to paint or a car you can sit in! gosh, I love toys you can get into, I used to love going into those machine ones outside of shops and to be honest it wasn't always toys that I used to climb into a tiny cupboard and sleep in there.

*Adventure hut is a gifted product but everything that has been said is my own thoughts and feelings 

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