Messy play with Littlelearners

December 23, 2019

We all know how important messy play is for little ones, its how they learn the difference in smells,colours and textures and LittleLearners have it all for under 5s

They kindly gifted Lily and Connor some crazy soap foam and Chalk eggs 

 The kids had so much fun making shapes and   adding it to the water

Its perfect for both messy play and bathtime!

You can squirt it, Shape it and even bounce it!!


Its perfect for the little ones as its mild and gentle Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested.

The chalk eggs were a hit even when it was a rainy day!

They worked great even on a wet ground

We even got some exercise sheets connor loves his letters and numbers

You get 6 eggs all in different colours!

Let the kids make art outside than on the walls

I love how they are a perfect shape for those little fingers to grip it better than a thin object

Littlelearners do classes in most cities but worry not if you cant find your town you can also join 

They also run classes in Australia too!! 

Both kids loved playing with both the soap and chalk i had to go and hide the soap as they would of used it all up right there.


Products gifted in exchange for a blog post & Instagram post

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  1. Those chalk eggs look brilliant, I think my niece, who is at her creative stage, would love them!


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