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March 19, 2020

It's a scary time at the moment with jobs and salaries on hold and it's extra hard when everything is still moving forward, so I've started looking for ways to save money at these hard times.

Being in self-isolation is going to be tough and it will be even harder when you have kids.

Making sure you have broadband and a decent phone is a must, some peoples contacts will be coming to an end, Craig has just swapped contacts from three to sky.

I've been looking around to find the cheapest phone contacts and broadband and found this wicked site.

If you use an online comparison site you can save so much money on main things like broadband, TV, SIM and Mobile Phone Deals.
The site is easy to use,  they have a search menu on the sidebar so you can to click what you're looking for and just search. 

It's one of the more visually pleasing websites to look at which is a huge plus in my books.

I am in need of a new phone soon so when I was looking at broadbands I had a little look at the mobile phone deals and they had so many different filters so you can get the perfect phone you might not get if you walk into a phone shop.

See Craig is on a Sim only contact as he doesn't care much for phones, not like me and cable has a section for Sim only deals too!.

With sky sports not being used right now, some people are looking to changing providers and this website also has a TV section where you can compare different tv deals and at the top it tells you the best deal going.

This takes so much hassle of stress of your shoulders and makes it so much easier, I wish I had found this website months ago.

I hope this post helps you save a bit of money, with everything going on you need every penny, I know I do. 

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