What to buy for a new Puppy

March 07, 2020

So you have decided to get yourself a fur baby, great! just make sure you do your research on the breeds you want and make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

We as a family decided to take the plunge and get ourselves a new family member, with two kids it felt right and the first thing we did was research!.

Craig has always wanted a springer spaniel and I've always wanted a husky or a BIG breed of dog but all my choices were crossed off the list as we just don't have the room for them, so we looked into how to look after a springer spaniel and find out everything to do with their breed.

Next on our list was looking for a pup, here are the websites I looked at pets4homes and preloved and we actually found the one we want on the preloved page.

This is where the fun begins because you need to buy for the little ball of fur now! 
so we did most of our shopping at pets at home, a few bits from home bargains and the puppy food from naturediet.

You will need treats! especially if you want to train your pup we got a few different ones as they were £1 each 
Wagg Yumms Treats 
Pedigree Tasty Minis Puppy Treats

we are really liking the look of the Wagg selection if you can't already tell.

The bits we got from Home Bargains was two types of grooming brushes one for me and a hand grooming glove so the kids can groom pup and a squeaky toy.

There were so many different types of shampoo for dogs but I know puppies might have more of sensitive skin so I went with Puppy Love shampoo for £5.50.

We brought a few toys but we will be buying most when we have our puppy so we can get the right sizes and it is the same for a harness and collar.

We want to feed pup a mixture of dry and wet so we decided on Wagg Puppy dry food, there is two sizes, 2kg for £2.00 (was £3.49) and 12kg for £16.99

I wanted to get a comfy looking bed, we already have a dog crate with a bed in but we also wanted to get a bed for a different room and we found a £18.00 Oval black paw bed and i can say it is super comfy.
Make sure that you get the same food the breeder is feeding the puppies and if you do want to change their food, do it slowly start off with 75% puppy food 25% of the new food keep it like that for a while then change it to 50%, 50% and then change the ratio every couple of weeks till you have changed the puppy over.

Of course, there are the little bits like toothbrushes, puppy pads and blankets and lots of hugs and doggy kisses 

28th March 2020 
Cannot wait.

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  1. Very useful post thanks, we are planning on getting a new puppies this year.


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