EUREKA! swans Hyperclean Vacuum

April 05, 2020

*This is a gifted product for exchange for a review *

 I just want to say this first, is that we have just gotten a springer spaniel puppy so our home has become 100% hairy so Swan sending me their Hyperclean Cordless 3-in-1 Vacuum has come in the perfect time.

Honestly, who knew how much a 9-week old puppy sheds

 It has so many great features, one of them is the holder that you attach to the wall to keep it out the way, It should keep the kids at bay with trying to play with it.

One of the other features is the carpet/floor button so its easy to go from one floor to the next.

The head of the vacuum has lights so you can clearly see any dirt on the floors and this feature is great for people that has back pains, there is a little grey piece that all you need to push down to detach the head so there's no bending down.

The Vacuum has reawakened the joy I get when I hoover and isn't that sad, but after two messy kids and now a puppy seeing a clean floor fills me up with joy.

It's super quiet which I've had to get used to as every single vacuum I have ever used has been loud.

A must-have in every Vacuum I think is it being bagless and this Vacuum has and it also can be washed.

For only £179.99 it's on the cheaper side than most cordless Vacuums and you definitely get your money's worth.

 It also looks super stylish and lightweight even the kids can hoover for you, which is a massive win for the parents.

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