moving rooms

December 04, 2019

So first things first Connor really wants a bunk bed so that's what we are planning to get but he had the smallest room so looks like mummy and daddy are swapping rooms with him and lily but it also means re decorating! Yay bad thing thing...I want allowed to spend out money so I had to do it on the cheap.

Facebay, charity shops and Freecycle are your new best friends and ask family members if they have anything they can give you, my mother in law had white paint that I used on the ceiling, someone from facebay gave me five pots of paint for free and I got a brand new blinds for £5 on facebay too!! 

Anything else I got was from the pound shop like brushes,rollers ect and I wanted to do it all nice which is a bit hard when you have a 1 year old with you 24/7 but I did it! I need a strong drink and a pat on the back but I'm happy with what I have done 
Thebirthposters  *gifted

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