Diy on a budget

November 22, 2019

Are you mad? DIY? This time of year with two kids and no money to spare??! Why yes I am 😂 and I want to do the whole flat from top to bottom while swapping our room with the kids this is going to be a long term project but I also don't have a DIY bone in my little body.

My first part is doing the bathroom currently I'm close to finishing the Regrouting the tiles and sealing the bath and I'll upload a blog post on what to do for that the next thing will be the shower curtain, the curtain that I want is over £5 so going to attempt to make my our with the clear curtain I have the next part is adding shelves and plants! We want our bathroom to be a green room full of plants so it will be a mixture of different types and that is going to take a while to do as we be trying to get it either free or cheap (DIY budget anyone!) I would love to get a new floor! But might be out of my budget  😭 

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