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November 19, 2019

I haven’t been on here for a while and to be honest life got the better of me, me and craig both knew that something wasn’t right with me I haven’t been right in years and it just seemed like I kept getting worse and worse.

A few months ago I promised Craig if I couldn’t sort myself out I would go to the doctors to see if they could help and I did a few weeks back,

Anyway yeah the doctor said I suffer from depression and anxiety which I chose to take tablets for as I have tried a few other things which didn’t help.

It’s been a few weeks now and I had a few side effects but I have noticed a difference both good and bad, I’m having less bad thoughts and meltdowns I feel happier both the kids and husband has noticed my attitude has changed!

The bad thing….I’ve been falling asleep as soon as the kids are in bed which Craig hates as it’s our time and my memory has trouble keeping hold of the memories which I will be mentioning to the doctor when I have my 6 week checkup but their isn’t much I can do, I don’t think I can change my tablets as this type is the only one safe for breastfeeding and I can’t risk lily’s health for mine.

Life is still difficult most days, social media is a lot to deal with at the moment I’m slowly trying to get back into the swing of it so please be gentle with me.

I know everyday isn’t going to be a good day with the tablets but so far I’m getting a lot more good days than bad and that’s what I need.

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