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April 16, 2020

*This is a gifted product exchange for a blog post*

 I'm just going to start this post off with I am no teacher and that is the reason why I didn't go into schooling.

I get way to stressed way to quickly to be of any help to Connor with any work that he has and to be honest, that's mainly because he doesn't want to do it, within 5 minutes he's crying and moaning about its hurting his head and he doesn't know the answers.

Spoiler Alert he does.

I know he does because we have done this before so it gets really frustrating that it's just him being lazy.

I actually heard good things about reading eggs so I got into contact with them and once he was signed up it was easy sailing.

There are 3 payment plans that you can choose from, I also have a 30-day trial here

 So once you are subscribed you get access to Reading Eggs and Mathseeds.

We all know that being on Lockdown the kids daily life has changed massively, so there is a chance that no kids wants to do to school work with their parent all they want to do is play and have lots of fun.

Connor loves to play computer games so this has been a great help as he loves to play the games on Reading Eggs but with the added bonus of learning.

You can add up to 4 children on the plan, so great news for lily as it starts at age 2 and she loves playing the puzzle games.

There are so many different little "easter eggs" you get too, like the weekly emails of your kid's progress and on the main website there is a detailed report of the skills

I just want to put this out there, Reading eggs has made learning so much easier for both of us, I don't want to pull my hair out in frustration and Connor finds the fun in learning.

I would 100% recommend reading eggs to help with learning and its something both my kids will be using for the future even when lockdown has finished and the kids are back to school.


I think 30 days free should show you the benefits of using reading eggs, which you can use on your laptop, phone or tablet.


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